Paris ambiance

Strolling through Paris with my camera is what I adore! Especially the sunday morning’s are my favorites. It’s calm because nobody is outside till +/- 11:00. The perfect time for me to take photos. Especially for places with a lot of tourists like Montmartre. The sun is still rising, so the light is gold and perfect! Saint Germain is my favorite area because it’s always calm and very beautiful.

Rainy day

It was a rainy day in Den Bosch, The Netherlands, the city where I was born. The summers can be very warm and sunny, but it also knows rain and grey days unfortunately. I was working home, listening to London Grammar and editing photos when I made this cinemagraph. The focus on the rain and the candle: the most significant element for me at that moment.

Ma vie extraordinaire

Ma vie extraordinaire. A summary of my last year.
Right above; my French heart sharing wine, in a dress which I wore during my happy time photographing and filming in Cannes. The red dress for my first Tango lessons in Jardin Tino Rossi, Paris, a dance of true passion and sensuality. And it’s a wink to my time playing polo in Chantilly (the turning ball is a gift of the team when I left Paris). The black outfit in the left is me working very hard, and that I learned how to ignore emotions, which helped me to focus more, but I feel dark when I do that, emotions are the greatest inspiration for an artist, and I missed it. Then dancing, I went for the first time of my life to the middle east: Lebanon. It was touching me a lot. The way lebanese people live; they invest their time in family, they work hard, they are happy, open and positive. The food is amazing and the music is even better: it all makes me dance and happy.
Video is a try out, so low quality.

House of Eléonore’s Polo weekend 2017

THE polo event of the year was there for House of Eléonore. This year they had their own team sponsored. I’ve been visiting and playing polo in the last year, and it felt great to see it again this weekend. It’s a very unique sport and it always feels like a relaxing day, drinking a wine or champagne, and enjoying the great weather with your family and friends.

Did you know that:

  • The Netherlands has only 60 active polo players.
  • Every player needs, at least, 4 horses per match (because the match exist of 4 parts).
  • Every polo player has a handicap that ranges from -2 till 10 (10 is the best)
  • The Netherlands has only 4 clubs.
  • Every body can play polo, if you have a horse or not! Just call Polo Club Midden Nederland and you can organize a training yourself.

The making of Rêves d’Amazonie for ELLE Arabia

Sakina have been working on her first bag collection for the last 6 months. I’ve been filming the whole proces, and made this making of video, which is recently published by ELLE Arabia. Read here the article on Sakina’s website about the presentation during Paris Fashion Week. Scroll down to see the photos I took of the collection.

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