Prix de Diane 2017

Prix de Diane is one of the greatest events I’ve been to. Together with my friends, I went to these horse races. Wearing a head is obliged for woman, so it was time to buy a great head and to not be shy wearing it. I adore woman who dress up well, and a head is such an elegant and artistic expression of fashion. I’ve never seen so many people together dressed up so elegantly. I could definitely recommend fashion lovers to go to Prix de Diane at Chantilly, France to observe these amazing styles between watching the horse races.

It was very warm today, so unfortunately I didnt photograph a lot. I hope I can be there next year, because I love horses and the special events around it (like the polo match in Chantilly and The Netherlands)

Chantilly Rallye d’Aumale 2017

The weekend of 9 april 2017 couldn’t be better by visiting the Polo & Rally event in Chantilly together with my friends and new teammates of polo Team Architects. A perfect Sunday with no clouds, only blue sky, relaxing atmosphere and stunning outfits walking by while watching the polo match and the oldtimer cars arriving from their rally concours. A bottle of cold champagne is popped open after the picnic lunch. How much fun was this day! I feel happy and blessed. When we drove back home to Paris, we listened to Take on me – Aha and to the following song of Nina Simone:


Please listen this while watching the photos. 


Polo training

Everything can happen. Especially if you are living in a big city. Opportunities are around the corner, and you never know who you will meet. So the other day, I ended up playing Polo on Sunday in Chantilly, a small village out of Paris (Yes, the village of the famous cream). Team Architects is absolutely a great team. They were al so friendly, and I felt welcome in the team. My friend Estée from the Netherlands joined me for that day and supported me. She took photos of us driving and I edited them.

It was such a long time ago that I drove a horse, but for the close people around me, they know that I’m absolutely a big fan of horse driving. I started driving horses when I was 7 years old. And now I had to chance to drive and to learn the Polo skills. Because I was new, I was the lucky one who may ride the rental horse Patato. His name was perfect for his behaviour. I had to use my legs so much to move the horse. But in the end, and yes, I’m so proud, I made Patato in galop! Driving a horse in galop is one of the greatest things in life for me. It’s a moment of power in full speed.

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