Ma vie extraordinaire

Ma vie extraordinaire. A summary of my last year.
Right above; my French heart sharing wine, in a dress which I wore during my happy time photographing and filming in Cannes. The red dress for my first Tango lessons in Jardin Tino Rossi, Paris, a dance of true passion and sensuality. And it’s a wink to my time playing polo in Chantilly (the turning ball is a gift of the team when I left Paris). The black outfit in the left is me working very hard, and that I learned how to ignore emotions, which helped me to focus more, but I feel dark when I do that, emotions are the greatest inspiration for an artist, and I missed it. Then dancing, I went for the first time of my life to the middle east: Lebanon. It was touching me a lot. The way lebanese people live; they invest their time in family, they work hard, they are happy, open and positive. The food is amazing and the music is even better: it all makes me dance and happy.
Video is a try out, so low quality.

Faby Fabulous

Meet my dear Fabienne! We call her Faby, but I think it’s pretty awesome that she is called fab. So for me she’s Fabulouso, Faby, Fab. I LOVE IT. Our heart is melting while we are walking through Saint Germain, talking about our passion for this city. We scrolled by a little band, La Plance A Dixie, yes the very French one at the corner at Deux Margots. We loved it so much that we both bought an oldschool cd. Yes, I still buy cd’s and I love it to have a collection of memories. Music brings people together. Faby and I had more drinks, more talks and ofcourse, my camera was also invited.

Please check her fabulous website, if you are as much in love with Paris as we do! 


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